Attention: This is for anyone sick and tired of listening to the same boring workout playlist that's making you hate your Corona lockdown workout routine


Finally a Bodyrockin workout mix like none other… Designed to get you off your butt, and motivated to do your corona lockdown workouts.


The Bodyrock Corona-Free Trap vs Funk Motivational Workout Mixtape

This one of a kind Trap & Funk DJ mix is going to make your boring workouts more fun, motivate you to move your body, and finally stop you from cussing out your zoom fitness instructors playlist whenever it inevitably plays the WRONG SONGS!

Push yourself harder and have more fun during your workouts with this COMPLETELY FREE DJ curated motivational workout mix. 

Dear friends 

Trying to stay motivated to workout during quarantine lockdown sucks!

Yup… I said it!
And guess what…
It sucks even worse when you hate the music you're working out to.

Random music playlist are not curated to push you through the difficult phases of your workout. And fitness instructors are not DJs so you can't expect them to create the perfect mix either.

Even now, as the season changes and its starts to look more beautiful outside…
You would think that this would be the perfect time to get yourself moving. 

But for some reason you still haven't been able to get up off the couch and leave Netflix long enough to pick up where you left your workout before you got bored. 

In fact, the idea of working out to boost your immune system should be enough to make you want to jump up off the couch and whoop the coronavirus' ass for keeping you on lockdown for 3 months straight.
But that still hasn't happened either

The long answer is that you need to spice things up because you're bored.

The short answer is… your playlist sucks! 

You see... random playlists and fitness instructors who make them, don't consider what your body needs throughout the various phases of your workout. They just throw songs together. 
This means that when you need to be in beast mode, your workout playlist leaves frustrated,. because it's still in warm up mode... or cool down mode... or why-the-hell-is-Maroon 5 on this mix mode!

We have solved that majorly wack problem .

We've recruited one of Philly's best DJ's - Rebel Foster - to create a music mix designed specifically for people who want to enjoy their work out. 

Together we identified the 5 key phases of any typical 45 minute workout. Then, Rebel worked his magic to create a mix that matches the level of energy that your body needs to push relative to each phase. 

We call it "the perfectly curated motivational workout mix." 

...It's kind of like having a DJ as your personal workout tour guide. 

Here's how the perfectly curated motivational workout mix works:

This is the phase of mix eases you into the idea of moving your body so once you're ready you can fully commit to the work at hand.
This phase sets the initial tempo of your work out to a pace that allows you feel things out and listen to your body so know when
This phase allows your body and mind to sync into the groove, so that once you found your tempo, you can start playing around with pushing yourself harder
This part of the mix helps you to turn up your intensity so that you can get the more out of your workout as you start to approach the end.
The name says it all for this phase! Time to take the intensity back down so you can stretch it out and get back to your socially distanced Netflix and chill! 
Finally to bring it all together, Rebel Foster and I decided to set a unique tone for this particular workout mix by combining two dope genres of motivational music… Trap hip-hop and Funk.
And to make it even more dope, we decided to offer it to you completely free so there's no catch or risk to you whatsoever.

In the end, you get killer dj mix totally free that you can use If you're a walker, a runner, a lifter, boot camper, a crossfitter, or even a coach… From beginner to advanced this mix was made for you.

Sounds like a great deal to me!

If you're ready to get motivated again click the button below for your free download of the Bodyrockin Corona-Free Trap vs Funk Motivation Workout Mixtape.

If you didn't already know, in addition to be being a fitness trainer I'm also a music artists that goes by the name of KillerWhale.

As an added bonus I'm throwing in two of my very own songs on the mix… Down for a G (the one at the beginning of the video at the top of this page), and LuvPair-o-Dice.

These are early releases of my songs... you can find them at the very beginning and end of the mixtape when you download it... and absolutely nowhere else!

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